uzavření restaurace:

Dle nařízení vlády je restaurace od 18.12.2020 uzavřena. Jídlo a pivo prodáváme pouze přes výdejní okénko a nebo rozvozem.Objednávky příjmáme na telefonním čísle: 604 333 444. Otevřeno máme Pondělí-pátek od 10:00-15:00 hodin


Our restaurant is based on the tradition of Czech beer and traditional Czech cuisine with traditional recipes from our ancestors. Sitting on our outdoor garden and glazed terrace provides view to one of the oldest stone bridges in Europe (13th century), the historic royal city walls and malt. The breathtaking view will not leave you in no doubt why Písek is one of the most beautiful cities in the South Bohemia with its rich history on every corner.

It is therefore no coincidence that the name U Plechandy refers to the legendary tavern that formerly stood on the bank of the nearby gold-bearing river and for many years was part of everyday life of Písek population. Significant native of Písek and acclaimed writer Ladislav Beran recalls: "There was obviously even some human tragedy in this pub, but joy and humor prevails. Ordinary beer conversations were definitely on a daily basis, but also high politics played some part here. And of course, almost all the national team's "trainers" were here all the time. It may seem that it was a pub like others, but believe me, it was not."

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© COPYRIGHT 2014 BY loudmark
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