gastro calendar

Kozlovna U Plechandy has prepared for you the month of January from January 20 to January 26, 2020 a special menu Cut Days on Plechanda. For more information, see MENU - GASTRO CALENDAR. We look forward to your visit

permanent menu starters

1.Duck liver roasted on honey, apples and chilli, elbow 120 g 2.Razice pate, pumpkin chutney with apples, toasted baguette baguette 120 g 3.Spicy torn pork served on a toasted butter baguette, roasted onion 120 g

st. martin's menu

2019 From November 4 - 11 we have prepared tasting of St. Martin's specialties and young wines

venison menu

From 19 - 27 October 2019 we have prepared a special game menu:

u. s. beef

March 25 - 31 2019 - Week with American masses Event organized in cooperation with Bidfood and Mark Svoboda (USA Beef Ambassador)

street food menu

From 14th to 17th March 2019, Kozlovna U Plechandy prepared for you SPECIAL STREET FOOD MENU AND SELECTED WHISKEY.

retro menu

Our special menu where we came back a few years back

burgers and sandwiches

valentine's menu

Valentine's menu from 14. 2. 2019

cuttings days on tin

February special menu: TIMES ON THE PLASTER

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© COPYRIGHT 2014 BY loudmark
all rights reserved