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We just opened and you can visit us every day from 11am to 11pm? We have wide selection of draught beer from tank, delicious beer snacks and last but not least, we have quality meals. In working days you can try our daily menu from seasonal ingredients.

st. martin's menu

2019 From November 4 - 11 we have prepared tasting of St. Martin's specialties and young wines

venison menu

From 19 - 27 October 2019 we have prepared a special game menu:

permanent menu starters

1.Torn pork on toast from our bread, fried onion, salad 150 g 2. Baked pate, mango-orange chutney, onion baguette 120 g 3. Mixed davel sausages, cream horseradish, mustard, fermented vegetables 150 g

u. s. beef

March 25 - 31 2019 - Week with American masses Event organized in cooperation with Bidfood and Mark Svoboda (USA Beef Ambassador)

street food menu

From 14th to 17th March 2019, Kozlovna U Plechandy prepared for you SPECIAL STREET FOOD MENU AND SELECTED WHISKEY.

retro menu

Our special menu where we came back a few years back

burgers and sandwiches

valentine's menu

Valentine's menu from 14. 2. 2019

cuttings days on tin

February special menu: TIMES ON THE PLASTER

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© COPYRIGHT 2014 BY loudmark
all rights reserved