Permanent menu

Appetizers / To go with beer

  • 120 g Variations of pickled cheeses, ginger pickles, pastries

    137 CZK

  • 170 g Beef tartare, smoked egg yolk, capers, shallots, toast

    277 CZK

  • 1 pc Grilled smoked Davel sausage, mustard, horseradish, homemade bread

    137 CZK

  • 150 g Quark spread served in a glass, onions, ginger pickles, homemade bread

    137 CZK

  • 100 g of pulled beef rib served on a tortilla, red cabbage coleslaw, corn, spring onion with chili

    177 CZK

Steaks / Grilled meat:

  • New200 g Ball tip US beef medallions (nut tip), arugula, beetroot, salsa

    387 CZK

  • 250 g Rib Eye steak (high rack), grilled seasonal vegetables with Provençal herbs, salsa

    437 CZK

  • 200 g Turkey breast, grilled seasonal vegetables with Provençal herbs, pumpkin puree

    297 CZK

  • 300 g Marinated neck steak, bacon beans, demi-glace / pepper sauce with brandy

    327 CZK

  • 200 g Grilled salmon steak marinated in chimichurri spices, sun-dried tomato, asparagus and spinach sauce

    377 CZK

Main dish

  • New700 g Pork knee roasted in dark beer, horseradish, mustard, homemade bread

    327 CZK

  • 200 g Pork tenderloin skewer with Davel sausage, onion and pepper, potato baked in salt

    327 CZK

  • 350 g Beer-roasted beef ribs, horseradish, butter baguette with herbs

    367 CZK

  • 200 g Veal cutlets coated in herb breadcrumbs, vegetable salad with dressing, lemon

    297 CZK

  • 150 g Fried gouda cheese, cranberries, tartar sauce

    197 CZK

  • New1 kg Beer meat set (chicken wings, sausage, neck, torn rib tortilla, skewer), variations of dips and side dishes

    1 477 CZK

Salads / Vege dishes

  • 170 g Caesar salad with turkey breast (bacon chips, parmesan and herb croutons)

    267 CZK

  • 170 g Caesar salad with grilled halloumi cheese (bacon chips, parmesan and herb croutons)

    257 CZK

  • 150 g Grilled halloumi cheese served on a salad of roasted vegetables and potatoes, crème fraîche with chives

    257 CZK

  • New170 g Pieces of baked salmon served on a variation of seasonal salads with asparagus, cherry tomatoes and herbs

    277 CZK

Burger / Street food

  • 200 g Burger with cheddar cheese, bacon chips, cucumber, red onion and BBQ sauce, spicy chips with mustard mayonnaise

    297 CZK

  • 10 pcs BBQ honey wings with fresh chili, grilled lemon, dip, corn on the cob, baguette

    277 CZK

  • New400 g Variation of mini cutlets (veal, chicken), red cabbage coleslaw, homemade bread

    397 CZK

  • 200 g Quritto with chicken strips and smoky bbq sauce, vegetable salad, fries, dip

    287 CZK

Side dishes / small vegetable salads

  • 200 g French fries

    57 CZK

  • 200 g Baked potato with chive crème fraîche

    67 CZK

  • 200 g of baby potatoes with butter

    57 CZK

  • 1 pc. Baked herb baguette

    47 CZK

  • 200 g Grilled seasonal vegetables with Provençal herbs

    87 CZK

  • 150 g Red cabbage coleslaw

    57 CZK

  • 150 g Salad of fresh vegetables and torn leaves

    57 CZK


  • Lactose free

  • Gluten-free

  • Favourite

  • Spicy

  • Vegetarian